Sinus is a blind track lined by granulation tissue leading from an epithelial surface into surrounding
tissues. Prolonged sitting, trauma , abscess, some disease like; TB, Osteomylitis, pilonidol sinus with family
history may increase the risk of disease.In Ayurveda Acharya Susruta mentioned eight type of sinuses as
nadivran in Susruta samhita nidan sthan chapter 10 Visarpnadistanrognidanam.Kalka Varti is a kind of paste
with gauze piece. Kalka prepared by compound of certain medicinal plants ,medicated oil and minerals. Susruta
describe kalka in the management of Nadi vran.A 44 year old male patient thoroughly examined and treated with
the help of kalka varti. Bulk of dead tissue and pus were expelled during procedure. Kalka is an ideal procedure
adopted for sinus track mentioned by susruta not only for its destroy the unhealthy granulation lining but also for
its curettage and healing work.viz. Kalka varti procedure for nadivrana, Hence this therapy was tried in perianal
sinus and is described in this report. Kalka varti not only minimize the complication but enables patient to resume
work quicker and less discomfort as well as reduce cost.
KEYWORDS : perianal sinus , nadi vrana , kalki varti

dr pallavi wjas Vol V isuue I jan2022 pg 14-17_2