Ayurveda aims to maintain the health of healthy individual and to treat the disease of patient. Before application
of medication for treating a patient, organised examination of patient is carried out. Examination of patient and
disease is important. Acharya Charaka describes Dashavidha Pareeksha for assessing strength of patient and
healthy individual. Samhanana is part of Dashvidha Pareeksha in which person is examined for his body
compactness to know Bala(strength). Bala is a factor which must be explored before taking the patient under
consideration because “Bala Adhishthanam Aarogyam.” Acharya Charaka describe Rakta, Mamsa and Asthi
Dhatu in the definition of Samhanana. Structural and functional aspect of Rakta, Mamsa and Asthi Dhatu should
be considered for Samhanana. For assessing Samhanana of a person; quantity, quality and function of Rakta,
Mamsa and Asthi Dhatu should be studied. Samhanana can be considered as examination tool for evaluating
strength of person. This paper aims to study Samhanana in different aspects.

KEYWORDS: Samhanana, Raktadhatu, Mamsadhatu, Asthidhatu

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