About Us

WJAS is an international peer-review online open-access journal of Ayurveda Science. Ayurveda is a well-established ancient Indian science which teaches first and foremost art of maintaining health and later to treat disease if one acquires it.

Aims and objectives of the journal are to publish critical analytical studies on Ayurveda with scientific parameter. The one of major goal of the journal is to make a platform for academician and practioner throughout the world to promote Ayurveda. This journal invites original research articles in all the disciplines of Ayurveda.

WJAS covers all the subjects of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Sharira Rachana (anatomy), Ayurvedic sharira Kriya (Physiology), Mualik Sidhanta (basic principles) , Rasa Shastra and Bheshjaya kalpana (pharmaceutics), Dravyaguna (Ayurvedic pharmacology), Swasthavritta ( preventive and social medicine), Agadtantra evum Vyavahara Ayurveda( Toxicology and medical jurisprudence), Roga Vigyana and Vikriti Vigyana(pathology), Kayachikitsa (Medicine), Panchkarma (a body purification process), Shayla Tantra (Gen. Surgery), Shalakya Tantra (ophthalmology and ENT), Stri Roga evum Prasuti Tantra (Gynae and obstetrics), Kaumaryabhrita (paediatrics)

All manuscripts are subject to a rigorous and meticulous peer-review process.