Shweta Pradara is common burning problem faced by women all around the globe. In modern science, lots of treatments are available for leucorrhoea, but recurrence is quite common. Today’s stressful modern life styles, food habits, social status and occupation affect the local environment which leads to higher incidences of leucorrhoea. Recent surveys on this regard, shows a clear picture that about 50% of women are suffering from vaginitis. Since ancient times, medicines from nature are in use, many efforts have been made to assess their efficacy particularly in cases of vaginitis, and many local and oral treatments have been explained and have shown good results. Oral medication is better than any procedure as these can be used in both married & unmarried patients. Godanti is specially indicated in Shweta Pradara. In present study 30 patients of Shweta Pradara were selected from OPD and IPD of Desh Bhagat Ayurvedic College & Hospital Mandi Gobindgarh out of which 46% were in the age group of 19-28 years, 99.6 % were married, 66% belongs to lower middle class, 46.67% were house wives 56.6% were vegetarian. Selected patients were divided into 2 groups each groups consist of 15 patients. In group A Godanti Bhasma was given 1gm. BD with Madhu for 30 days. In group B Godanti Bhasma was given same as in group A with Godugdha. Statistically significant results were observed in both groups. There was no statistically significant difference between both groups. It means that Godanti Bhasma with Madhu and Godanti Bhasma with Godugdha have similar effect in Shweta Pradara.
Keywords: Shweta Pradara, Godanti Bhasma, Madhu, Godugdha (Cow milk)

dr manju saini sep issue 2016