Success of any science depends on its fundamental principles. Doshas, dhatus and malas are considered roots or
functional biological units in the body. Updhatus are important physiological units and are derived from Dhatus and
resemble Dhatus in terms of structure, function and nature. Updhatus are end product of Dhatu metabolism.
Dhatavagni plays an important role in metabolism of Dhatus and Updhatus .Updhatus are sub tissues or secondary
tissues in the body which serve as important components and have certain fixed functions to render. References
about Updhatus are very less in Ayurvedic literature. Acharya Caraka was the first who had explained updhatu
collectively in one segment. Sarangdhar proposed some different concept than traditional ones. In this review article
an effort is made to collect the basic concept of Updhatu and various Updhatus mentioned by different Acharayas
has been recollected in this article.

KEY WORDS: Updhatu, agni, Dhatavagni, Strotas.

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