Ayurveda biology has postulated many unique concepts which are yet to be explored with modern scientific techniques. Vyatyasa is one such concept described in Trisutra Ayurveda i.e. Hetu (causative factors), Lakshana (features) & Chikitsa (treatment) of Auyrveda. Vyatyasa is the term which literally signifies opposite entities applied alternatively. Its antonym is called Samaasa. This concept is widely described in Charaka Samhita & in Sushruta Samhita also. This is first attempt to review the classical texts & explore the plausible biological mechanisms of the concept. As Vyatyasa has been enumerated in causes, features & treatment modalities of diseases it signifies its importance. It was primarily revealed that Vyatyasa (alternative application of opposing entities like Sheeta- Ushna) leads to the abatement of the pathological complex involved in the disease. In current era Vyatyasa is not seen commonly in practice. Therefore the author emphasizes that revival of the application of the Vyatyasa concept may lead to better diagnosis & treatment in many complex diseases.

Key words: Vyatysa, Hetu, Lakshana, Samaasa, Sheeta, Ushna

PDF Dr Bharat Krushna WJAS May 2017