Drug delivery system in Ayurvedic Treatment


Drug delivery system is an important part of success full health management. Choice for route and time of drug administration is very essential for achieving success in acute and life threatening diseases. In Ayurvedic health management, ancient Acharyas have described many routes of drug delivery like mukha (oral), nasya (nasal), vasti (rectal route) etc. as well as different time of drug administration’s like pratah (morning), muhurmuhu (frequently), sagrasa (with morsel) etc. Depending on the acuteness, chronicity, and severity of the diseases as well as depending on the physico-chemical nature of the drug [i.e. acidic/alkaline etc.] route and time of drug delivery is selected for its better and quick absorption. Now days, in many cases it is preferred for sustain release of drug molecules for maintaining required constant bio-availability, hence the drug delivery system needs to be managed as per the requirement. Following the ancient drug delivery system many new drug delivery systems have also been developed to provide a new altitude for the medical science. It is expected, this review article will enlighten the ancient drug delivery system for its broader and judicious use.

Key words: -vasti, Ayurveda, nasya, Sharangadhara, drug delivery

pankaj sharma WJAS jan 2017