According to Tridosha theory of ayurveda, vata dosha is an essential constituent of body. It is responsible for all movements, pressure, forces and impulses of human body. The vitiation of vata dosha is considered as the most dreadful cause of many diseases. Vatarakta is also a disease caused by vitiated vata and rakta dhatu. In this disorder vitiated vata and rakta get sammurchhita in sandhi sthana and rakta dhatu causes obstruction of vata dosha. This dosha-dushya sammurchhana results in Vatarakta. Symptomatically this disorder can be correlated to hyperuricemia or Gout. This present study is conducted to evaluate the effect of Guduchyadi Ghrita in management of Vaatrakta. This is a randomized open-ended single group trial. Total of 15 patients were selected on the basis of inclusion and exclusion criteria for this study. Guduchyadi Ghrita was administered in the dose of 10gm BD to each patient for duration of 8 weeks and follow up done on 28th and 56th day. The drug yielded a statistically significant improvement in symptoms of Vaatrakta. No adverse effects were noted throughout the course of this study.

dr sarojdevi sep issue 2016