Sleep has emerged as area of interest among clinicians, Scientists and economists too. As modern science is accepting holistic concepts in current era, Sleep has been explored at multiple level for health maintenance & disease prevention as well. Ayurveda the living indigenous tradition of health science has advocated sleep as one of the three supporting pillars for health along with diet and righteous psychosomatic behaviour. This article attempts to elucidate the importance of sleep analysing it in the network of TRISUTRA of AyurvedaieHetu, Lakshana & Sutra. Proper Sleep renders health & its maintenance. But deviated sleep (in quantity and quality) leads to pathogenesis of many disease conditions. Simultaneously it is noted as the feature of many diseases and Sleep can be also used as a treatment modality, preserving bal and alleviating diseases.

Key words: Ayurveda, Hetu, Lakshana, Sutra

dr bharat krushna khuntia WJAS March 2017