Yastimadhu Ghrita, an Ayurvedic formulation described in Sushruta Samhita has been tried to relieve pain over 15 patients having wound caused by surgery or trauma (Su. Su. 5/42). The present medicine was prepared by following procedure described in classical texts.

Analytical study and laboratory investigations were done to prove its safety & efficacy. The duration of treatment ranges from 7-10 days which depends on its severity, chronicity & other factors related to the wound. Periodic assessment of the patients included in the study was done on every 3rd day, 5h day, 7th day, and 9th day.

The clinical assessment of the effects of trial drug on wound particularly in reducing pain, improvement of healing and regaining of functional ability was about 97.11%, 100% and 87.8% by 9th day, culminating all other inflammatory conditions. Thus the clinical result of Yastimadhu Ghrita in a therapeutic dose is found to be efficacious in reducing pain with promotion of healing. The assessment result of both the groups has been statistically analysed through unpaired t- test and p value and it is proved that the local application of Yastimadhu Ghrita in traumatic wound is clinically more effective to reduce pain that that of dressing only. In support of the study it can be stated that Yastimadhu Ghrita is a complete medical approach for trauma care and pain management.

Key words: Yastimadhu Ghrita, Abhighataj Vrana, Traumatic wound.

Dr debsmita mohanty WJAS May 2016